About Me

Hello. I am Kayla Shue, business owner and the artist behind the camera of Kayla Mae Fine Art Photography. Award winning and published photographer. My photography journey began in 2015. Photography has always been my passion for as long as I can remember. I love being able to share my artistic outlook with others when I photograph them.

"Life passes so quickly, we need to capture these precious moments." I am so grateful to be sharing my work with everyone!

When I am not photographing clients my daughter, pets, and boyfriend keep me on my toes most days and I enjoy every moment of it! My family loves to travel and enjoy each other, and the moments we spend making valuable memories together.

I love coffee, horses, the ocean and being out in nature. I dislike wearing shoes of any kind, I'd rather be barefoot! My all-time favorite is going to Disney World <3

Child Portrait photographer
Child Portrait Photographer