February 6, 2020

This is what life is all about, making memories!


This is what life is all about, living in the moment and making memories!

Today was supposed to be only a half day at school. Instead we had a snow day. I am pretty sure it is the first snow day this year, which is completely out of the normal for upstate New York in February. I want to encourage everyone to take photos daily of life, even if its messy. No one cares about the clutter you have going on in your life. Take a moment and enjoy your families. Take that photo! One day you'll have these memories to look back at and you'll feel that moment you took them.

We woke up had breakfast, and now Gabby has steadily been playing barbies all day. We set the tepee up in the living room and she has created her own little space. Her imagination amazes me every day and it's so great to be able to sit here and listen to her play. Loving this little snow day <3 And of course most of our little furry friends had to be everywhere with us!